URBAN TR75 with double bagging

The URBAN TR75 logger is supported on the three-point hitch of the tractor. It is designed especially for small tractors, but can be used without a problem even under a strong tractor. The optimum power of the tractor is 25 hp and more, the minimum power is 15 hp.

The TR75 differs from the TR70 type by featuring a V-belt drive. The V-belt drive serves as shock-absorber and also acts as an overload clutch, which is not needed for this type. The large 90 kg pulley serves as a flywheel, which also contributes to shock absorption and smoother running. The torque on the TR75 cardan is half compared to TR70 (with processing the same branch diameter).


Part of the machine is: 50 pcs of raschle bags, safety chains, tow hitch with tow ball ISO 50, operators manual including declaration of conformity.

  • Category: URBAN TR75
  • Model series:70
  • Catalogues code:TR75 2P
  • Offered from:18.07.2016
  • Availability :within 1 week
Weight: 380 kg
Max. diameter of soft freshwood (pine): 80 mm
Max. diameter of fresh hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 65 mm
Max. diameter of dry hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 50 mm
Max. diamensions of block of wood (spruce): 60 x 60 mm
Max. diameter of wooden board (spruce): 190 x 20 mm
Log length (not adjustable): 6 - 13 cm
Logging device inlet dimensions: 200 x 200 mm
Inlet hopper dimensions: 700 x 400 mm
Top performance: 50 bags per hour
Category of 3-point hinge: 1 a 2
PTO max. rotation speed: 540 / min.
Power of tractor (min.): 15 hp
Power of tractor (recommended): 25 hp and more
Adjustable (telescopic) frame of logger: Yes - 3 positions
Number of logging blades: 6
The gap between the blade of the cutting blades: approx. 0,1 mm
Lifetime of blades per one grinding: 100 - 500 m3 of small logs
Overload protection: Belt slip
Dimensions in transport position (length x width x height): 108 x 179 x 123 cm
Dimensions in working position (length x width x height): 108 x 225 x 115 cm
Packaging dimensions (length x width x height): 108 x 179 x 138 cm
Logs output: Double bagging
Safety chains against falling tractor hydraulics: Yes
Hinge for trailer: Yes - classic + ISO ball
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The double bagging for raschle bags

It is used raschle bags of 57 × 104 cm. The flap can be switched between filling one or the other bag. After filling the first bag, there is no need to interrupt the job due to a full bag - just flip the flap and the chips fall further into the second empty bag. During the filling of the second bag it is possible to replace the first, already full bag. Continuous insertion of the branches allows to fill bag in 20 seconds. Optimal for the operator of the machine are 2-3 persons, one of them only changing the bags. We provide 50 pcs of raschle bags free of charge with each machine.

The inlet hopper

The inlet hopper consists of a fixed and a folding part. The folding part of the inlet hopper gives a narrower profile in the transport position (does not exceed the contours of the tractor in the transport position).  Once is locked in the working position the hopper ensures optimised branch intake and operational safety. Additionally, the hopper is fitted with a safety cut-out frame, which by pressing down stops the chipping device. The inlet hopper is oriented horizontally, which greatly facilitates insertion of long branches compared to the vertical or sloping hopper. Surface treatment of the whole machine is made with powder paint.

The connection to the tractor

The TR75 is primarily designed for small tractors, but can be used without a problem even with a powerful tractor. The minimum recommended power of the tractor is 15 hp, the optimum tractor power is 25 hp or more. Very important is possibility of small tractor to lift branch logger. The tractor's input shaft is rated at 540 rpm.

The V-belt drive

The power is transferred from the tractor through the cardan to the branch logger input shaft and further to the V-belt drive. The V-belts absorb the shocks and at the same time perform the function of an overload clutch (the cardan with an overload clutch is not needed for this type). The overloading will cause the V-belts to slip (depending on its tension). A large 90 kg pulley serves as a flywheel, which also helps to reduce shocks and makes work smoother. The torque on the TR75 cardan is about half compared to the TR70 (for the same diameter of the branches). Thanks to V-belt drive, the input shaft of the logger is located at lower position and therefore, even when connected to a small tractor with a very low position of PTO, there is no problem with the angles of the cardan. Behind the stronger tractors the cardan is usually almost in straight position.


The Adjustable frame

The sliding lower arms of the logger (3 positions each 10 cm) allow connection to various types of tractor while maintaining optimal angles of cardan. We offer 4 variants of the lower pull-out arms, with different pin diameter and its width. See here drawings of each variant in pdf.

The variant no. 1 is universal for 3-point hinges of category 1 and 2, the outer pins can have diameter 28 mm or diameter 19 mm after mutual arms swing. The variant no. 2 is particularly suitable for small tractors. Variants no. 3 and no. 4 are more suitable for larger tractors (we recommend variant 3 for Zetor tractors). By default, the TR75 comes with variant no. 1, if you want to deliver a TR75 with a different variant, please include it in the note in the order (the price is the same).

The safety chains

The machine is lifted to the tractor hydraulics at the same working height (not on the ground) during working and moving. We use the safety chains chipper to assure machine in that optimal position. The safety chains are standard part of delivery with enach Branch Logger behind the tractor.

The chipping device

The working principle of branch loggers URBAN lies in two counter rotating shafts with knives. The rotating knives draw in the wood material into the feed hopper unassisted. The passage gap between the shafts is 70 mm. Each shaft has 3 fixed knives, made from high quality tool steel. It is possible to resharpen the knives repeatedly. After sharpening there is a pad to be put under the knives in order to keep the same gap between the knives (c. 0,1 mm). One single sharpening of knives is capable of producing from 100 to 500 solid meters of small logs, depending the level of contaminants (mud, nails, stones etc.). Each blade can be sharpened up about 4 mm, then it must be replaced with a new one.

The tow hitch

The Branch loggers attached behind the tractor can tow a trailer with a regular tow hitch or a tow ball ISO 50. The maximal weight of trailer is 2000 kg.

The branch logger is protected by industrial design. 

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Product variants

URBAN TR75 with Big-Bag bagging within 1 week
URBAN TR75 with conveyor 2,1 m to side within 2 weeks
URBAN TR75 with conveyor 2,6 m to side within 2 weeks
URBAN TR75 with turnable conveyor 2,6 m within 1 week
URBAN TR75 with turnable folding conveyor 3,4 m within 2 weeks
URBAN TR75 with folding conveyor 3,4 m within 2 weeks

Optional accessories

Bags for logs