URBAN SM70 with folding conveyor 3,4 m

The Branch Logger URBAN SM70  is driven by a 10 hp Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD engine. The engine´s output is transferred via V-belts to the oil filled gearbox which drives the blade rotors. The logger has 4 wheels for manual handling (2 fixed and 2 swivelling with brakes).


Part of the machine is: operators manual including declaration of conformity.

  • Category: URBAN SM70
  • Model series:70
  • Catalogues code:SM70 D3,4
  • Offered from:26.07.2019
  • Availability :within 2 weeks
Weight: 437 kg
Max. diameter of soft freshwood (pine): 80 mm
Max. diameter of fresh hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 65 mm
Max. diameter of dry hardwood (oak, hornbeam): 50 mm
Max. diamensions of block of wood (spruce): 60 x 60 mm
Max. diameter of wooden board (spruce): 190 x 20 mm
Log length (not adjustable): 6 - 13 cm
Logging device inlet dimensions: 200 x 200 mm
Inlet hopper dimensions: 700 x 400 mm
Blade rotation speed (rpm): 200 / min.
Top performance: 4 m3/h
Engine power: 7,5 kW (10 hp)
Fuel: Unleaded fuel (95)
Fuel tank volume: 4 l
Average gas consumption: 1 - 1,5 l/h
Number of logging blades: 6
The gap between the blade of the cutting blades: approx. 0,1 mm
Lifetime of blades per one grinding: 100 - 500 m3 of small logs
Chassis: 4 castors - manual handling
Overload protection: Belt slip
Dimensions in transport position (length x width x height): 203 x 121 x 286 cm
Dimensions in working position (length x width x height): Depends on conveyor position
Logs output: Folding conveyor 3,4 m
Conveyor drive: V-belt drive
Height of the end of conveyor at angle of 30°: 250 cm
Height of the end of conveyor at angle of 40°: 298 cm

The engine

The SM70 is driven by a four stroke 10 hp Briggs & Straton VANGUARD engine, with pull cord or optional electric starter. The engine´s output is transferred via V-belts to the oil filled gearbox which drives the blade rotors. The fuel tank capacity is 4 litres. Upon request, a logger can be equipped by hour meter.

The Machine handling

The logger is equipped for ease of handling by handle on the hopper and by 4 wheels for manual handling. (2 fixed and 2 swivelling with brakes).

URBAN SM70 podvozek

The belt conveyor

It is used a folding 3,4 m long belt conveyor driven by V-belt. The conveyor slope is adjustable by a winch. The conveyor is folded and lifted to the vertical position during transport. It is possible to install on the end of conveyor following accessories: the 0,8 m slide or a double bagging device with a support leg. The bagger is attached by four screws and assembly takes only a few minutes.

The inlet hopper

The hopper is long enough to provide safety and is equipped with a safety shut-off frame, which by pressing down stops the engine. The inlet hopper is oriented horizontally, which greatly facilitates insertion of long branches compared to the vertical or sloping hopper. Surface treatment of the whole machine is made with powder paint.


The Overload protection

If you put too large branch in the chipping-device, V-belts slip shortly and the engine stops. This is the way how to protect the branch logger against overload. When this situation happens, it´s usually impossible to take the branch outside of the chipping-device, because knives are jammed in the branch. In this situation, make sure the engine can not start itself, put away the small round cover of V-belts and turn over with the sheave clockwise until the branch is out of the chipping device. Then, please put the cover back on the place.


The chipping device

The working principle of branch loggers URBAN lies in two counter rotating shafts with knives. The rotating knives draw in the wood material into the feed hopper unassisted. The passage gap between the shafts is 70 mm. Each shaft has 3 fixed knives, made from high quality tool steel. It is possible to resharpen the knives repeatedly. After sharpening there is a pad to be put under the knives in order to keep the same gap between the knives (c. 0,1 mm). One single sharpening of knives is capable of producing from 100 to 500 solid meters of small logs, depending the level of contaminants (mud, nails, stones etc.). Each blade can be sharpened up about 4 mm, then it must be replaced with a new one.

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Product variants

URBAN SM70 with simple bagging within 1 week
URBAN SM70 with Big-Bag bagging within 1 week
URBAN SM70 with conveyor 2,1 m within 2 weeks
URBAN SM70 with conveyor 2,6 m within 2 weeks
URBAN SM70 with double bagging within 2 weeks

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