About Us

We are manufactures of agricultural and forestry machinery – The Branch Loggers. The URBAN Branch loggers make small logs (big chips) from branches. Our machines are suitable for processing fast-growing threes (f.e. Japanese poplar), waist wood etc.

Naše provozovna v LovčicíchHotové stroje

  • We are direct manufacturers. The company has already manufactured more than 1900 Branch Loggers since 2009

  • We have own CAD design facility and continually improving products.

  • All components are made on site, we assure 100% quality.

  • Service and Maintenance can be carried out at our facility, for example sharpening or correct blades setting.

  • The Branch loggers are delivered to almost whole over the world.

  • Our machines are protected by industrial designs valid throughout the EU.

The company history

The first branch logger (see photo below)  was made for our own needs. For heating of our facility.

První vyrobený štěpkovačPrvní vyrobený štěpkovač


The idea was successful – we started to produce the URBAN TR70 in 2009. See photos of the first produded TR70. 

První vyrobený kus TR70První vyrobený kus TR70

After some time we started to make another models (SM70, TR110, EM70..). Now the production is our main and only business.

The company URBAN KOVO s.r.o. was founded in 2011. In this time we are exporting more then 50% our produce to whole over the world. We are growing every year. We had to move to new production facility in Lovčice in 2013. We are working constantly on increasing production capacity  and improving production by investing in the company's production equipment for example CNC machining.

We are working hard to produce the machines. We use our machines, so we make sure they are as efficient as possible and everything works. We pay great attention to improving, improving and constantly developing.