CNC Machining

We offer free CNC machining capacities. We are engaged in the production of components in minimum production batches of approx. 20 pcs or more (depending on the nature of the workpiece). We are able to offer favorable prices for repeated production.

 CNC obráběníŘemenice



CNC Lathe Feeler FTC – 640L

CNC Soustruh Feeler FTC – 640LCNC Soustruh Feeler FTC – 640L

  • max. machining ø 640 mm
  • L max. 1440 mm
  • spindle passage 117.5 mm
  • from ø 40 mm, we are able to meet the tolerances for mounting the bearings without additional grinding
  • crane for loading workpieces
  • for large series we have a material feeder up to ø 65 mm


Vertical machining center Feeler VMP – 40A

Vertikální obráběcí centrum Feeler VMP – 32AVertikální obráběcí centrum Feeler VMP – 32A

  • working space 1020 x 520 x 635 mm
  • table dimensions 1150 x 520 mm
  • spindle revolutions 10,000 / min
  • cooling through the center of the spindle 30 bar
  • drum magazine for 30 instruments
  • 4th axle 255 mm with hydraulic strengthening
  • crane for loading workpieces


Band saw Pilous CF-NC Automat ARG 300

Pásová pila Pilous CF-NC Automat ARG 300Pásová pila Pilous CF-NC Automat ARG 300

  • up to a diameter of 300 mm
  • fully automatic and manual mode
  • precise movement of the material using a ball screw