The Branch Loggers behind the tractor

The tractors are used in forestry, in technical services, in the management and maintenance of roads, as well as in the maintenance of orchards and the processing of fast-growing trees.

They are also ideal helpers in the disposal of offshore woods in the field.

The Branch Loggers URBAN are connectable almost to any tractor or small tractor. We recommend a minimum engine power of 15 hp, the optimum power is 25 hp or more. Maximum performance ranges from 5 m3 to 10 m3 per hour. The maximum diameter of the insertion branches is from 80 mm to 120 mm for the tractors, depending on the type of chosen machine and on the tractor power.

Learn more information on the product card. All branch loggers are equipped with automatic branch feeds.

We are able to deliver the machine for the tractor including accessories such as cardan shaft with overload clutch, flywheel and more.

We make complex deliveries, so you can buy and buy machine from the tractor along with the tractor and purchase supplies such as bags, big bags, knives and more.

URBAN branch loggers behind tractor - this is a guarantee of quality and reliability.


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Read more technical information on the card of a particular logger.

We are available for you. We will gladly and expertly explain the differences between individual, not only tractor’s loggers. We will discuss the purpose of your use and your ideas and recommend the most suitable branch logger. Come to our plant, or call +420 731 166 374 and +420 778 113 232 or write to

The branch loggers behind tractors are successfully used on farms, technical services or forestry operations. The sewage branches, laths, planks, beams, etc. are also used.

Browse other types of loggers. If you do not have a tractor or you have a small tractor with a capacity of up to 15 hp, you may be interested in branch loggers with gasoline engine.