The advice and tips

the raschle bags fastening 

Pull the bag over the corners and bind the corners of the bag together to the common node. It is the fastest and easiest way. These fastened bags are easy to handling and unbind.



the distance of inlet hopper from chipping branches 

Keep the manipulation space between the inlet hopper and the pile of branches (app. 5 meters). You should pull out the branches of the pile first and then insert the branches to the Branch logger. It is faster, easier and safer than staying near the pile of branches.

Vzdálenost násypky od štěpkovaných větví


preparation of branches

It is better to prepare branches to more small piles. It is important straighten the branches in the same way that the branches can be inserted into the chipper without turning. If you want to chipping directly after its cutting you do not have to preparing to the piles.

Rovnání větví před štěpkováním