The Branch Loggers with electric motor

A lot of fuel in a solid fuel boiler or in a wood gas boiler will produce reliable and operationally proven Branch Loggers with electric motor.

Most often, electric branch loggers are used by carpenters and sawmills, where you can greatly evaluate shavings and debris, waste lath, or logs.

We produce electric branch loggers to handle wood with a diameter of up to 120 mm (depending on the type of machine and hardness of the selected wood). We use electric motor with power 5,5 kW ("70" series) or 18,5 kW ("110" series).

You can choose from a wide range of outputs from a machine, we offer bagging for raschle bags, Big-bags or belt conveyors. It depends only on your choice or disposition when you use it. The choice is up to you.

The branch loggers URBAN serve long-term not only in the Czech Republic and all over Europe but also on other continents.

Come and choose us! We would like to show you the machines in operation and we will advise you with the selection.


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Read more technical information on the card of a particular logger.

We are available for you. We will gladly and expertly explain the differences between individual, not only gasoline’s loggers. We will discuss the purpose of your use and your ideas and recommend the most suitable branch logger. Come to our plant, or call +420 731 166 374 and +420 778 113 232 or write to

The branch loggers with electric motor are successfully used in woodworking - for carpenters, sawmills, working directly with wood. Waste, remnants of battens, planks, beams, etc. will also be used.

However, the use of electric loggers is also being used for domestic use, on farms, but also for the heating of family houses.


Check out our other loggers. The branch loggers behind tractors are particularly used for farmers.