The branch logger behind the tractor URBAN TR75 up to diameter 80 mm. 

The URBAN TR75 logger is supported on the three-point hitch of the tractor. It is designed especially for small tractors, but can be used without a problem even under a strong tractor. The optimum power of the tractor is 25 hp and more, the minimum power is 15 hp.

The TR75 differs from the TR70 type by using a front belt drive. The straps are shock-absorbing and at the same time filling the overload coupling, which is not needed for this type. The large pulley serves as a flywheel, which also contributes to shock absorption and quieter running. The torsion torque on the TR 75 cardan is half compared to TR70 (with processing the same branch diameter).


  • URBAN TR75 - Version with double bagging for raschle bags. 

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