Principle and advantages

The working principle of branch loggers URBAN lies in two counter rotating shafts with knives. The rotating knives draw in the wood material into the feed hopper unassisted. The passage gap between the shafts is 70 mm. Each shaft has 3 fixed knives, made from high quality tool steel. It is possible to sharp the knives repeatedly. After sharpening there is a pad to be put under the knives in order to keep the same gap between the knives (c. 0,1 mm). One single sharpening of knives is capable of producing from 100 to 500 solid meters of small logs (approx.. 1000 – 5000 raschle bags), depending on the level of contaminants (mud, nails, stones etc.). Each blade can be sharpened up about 4 mm, after that it must be replaced by a new knife.

Štěpkovací ústrojí - nože od sebeŠtěpkovací ústrojí - nože u sebe


  • We use a 3-knife system
    The 3 blades on each shaft are optimal because with only 2 blades serving of branches works not correctly. The Branch logger is dangerous with 4 blades because it is not easy to pull branches out from machine (see safety information
  • The gap between the blades is only 0,1 mm

    That is the reason why the branch logger can cut thin branches as well. All components are made very precisely (by the brand new CNC machines).

  • The Long lifetime of cutting blades

    The cutting blades are made of high quality tool steel. It is possible to sharp the blades repeatedly.

  • The chipping device can be completely adjusted

    It is possible to adjust these parameters:

    • axial distance of the shafts (and clearance in the gear wheels)
    • Parallelism of axes
    • Rotating of the shafts
    • By the underlaying, it is possible to adjust the ejection of the blades after their grinding and thus the gap between them. 
  • The flywheel

    The large pulley works as a flywheel on the branch loggers TR75 and on all branch loggers with gasoline engine or with electric motor. It is possible use the flywheel on branch loggers TR70 and TR110. The flywheel dampens the impact on cardan and thereby reduces the strain on the gears.

  • The cemented cogwheels

    All cogwheels used in our machines are cemented and hardened.

  • The Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD engine
    We use only Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD engine to the Branch Loggers with its own gasoline engine