Up to diameter 120 mm

The branch logger URBAN TR110 is supported on the three-point tractor hitch. The optimum tractor power is 70 hp and more, the minimum power is 50 hp. The tractor power is transferred by a PTO with an overload clutch (it is a part of the machine) to the oil filled gearbox, which drive the logging device. To reduce the impacts transmitted to the cardan and to the gearbox of the tractor it is used a flywheel, which can be ordered as accessories.

The performance of TR110 compared to TR70 and TR75 machines is significantly faster because it can be inserted bigger diameter or bigger amount of smaller branches at a time.


  • URBAN TR110 - Version with double bagging for raschle bags.


  • URBAN TR110 - Version with Big-Bag bagging.


  • URBAN TR110 - Version with 2,6 m belt conveyor to side and with double bagger at the end of conveyor.

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