The branch logger behind the tractor URBAN TR70 up to diameter 80 mm. 

The branch logger URBAN TR70 is supported on the three-point hitch of the tractor. The optimum tractor power is 50 hp and more, the minimum power is 30 hp. The drive must be secured through a cardan with overload clutch (not part of the machine - you will find it in the accessories section). To reduce the stress transmitted to the cardan and to the gearbox of the tractor we use a flywheel, which can be ordered as an accessories.


  • URBAN TR70 - Version with 2,6 m belt conveyor to side, which is driven by hydraulic motor with rpm regulation


  • URBAN TR70 - Version with double bagging for raschle bags. 


  • URBAN TR70 - Version with 2,1 m backwards belt conveyor, which is driven by hydraulic motor with rpm regulation. 


  • URBAN TR70 Simple - version with simple bagging

Find more information about TR70  in the products section.