Big-Bag 90x90x100 cm, aerated

The high volume bags /Big-Bag/ for chips storage from the Czech manufacturing company JUTA.

  • Aerated fabric for better chips drying
  • 4 upper straps - 30 cm long
  • 4 lower straps - 30 cm long
  • Category: Bags for big chips
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  • Offered from:18.07.2016
  • Availability :on stock
Weight (kg): 1,34
Dimension: 90x90x100 cm
Colour: White
Volume: 0,8 m3
Load capacity: 1250 kg
  • The weight of one bag full of chips is approx. 150 - 300 kg.
  • Higher chipping performance compared to raschle bags.
  • Saving storage space by straightening the bags (2 - 3 layers).
  • Fast drying (thanks to the gap between the bags).
  • Handling is required by a front loader, hydraulic arm or forklift.
  • These bags are also suitable for split firewood.

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