Double bagger at the end of conveyor - for the "70" Series

Do you ever want to fill the small logs into rachel bags or fill a  trailer or put it freely on pile? Then it is an ideal solution to buy logger with a belt conveyor and, if necessary you can easily install a double bagger at the end of the conveyor.

  • Category: Optional accessories
  • Model series:70
  • Catalogues code:
  • Offered from:17.07.2016
  • Availability :within 1 week
Weight (kg): 22
Suitable for logger: SMH70, SMV70, SM70, EM70, TR75, TR70, HM70
  • The bagger has a support leg with 2 height positions.
  • The bagger must be always disassembled before lifting and before logger moving. 
  • The bagger is attached with four wing nuts, and it takes only a few minutes to fit it.

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