Cardan with ratchet overload clutch

It is suitable for TR70 without flywheel.

It can not be used for branch loggers with flywheel, for which it is necessary to use a cardan with a friction overload clutch.

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  • Offered from:20.03.2017
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Weight (kg): 17
Total length in the inserted possition: 100 cm
Grooving: 1"3/8 (35 mm) 6 grooves
Torque of the overload clutch: 1600 Nm
Type of overload clutch: Se západkami
Cardan size: 5
Suitable for logger: TR70
  • The overload clutch is set to torque 1600 Nm.
  • There are springs and pins that engage in grooves in the clutch housing.
  • The overload clutch starts to click when is overloaded
  • This clutch does not require frequent adjustment but must be regularly lubricated.
  • This type of clutch is not suitable for loggers with flywheel 

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