Flywheel for TR70

The flywheel absorbs the shocks on the cardan and thus greatly reduces the strain on the tractor gearbox.

  • Category: Optional accessories
  • Model series:70
  • Catalogues code:
  • Offered from:14.07.2016
  • Availability :on stock
  • The branch logger with a flywheel can process a slightly larger diameter of the material.
  • Flywheel is recommended especially for smaller and weaker tractors.
  • It can be mounted on all new and older machines from year of production 2011.
  • The flywheel is supplied and assembled including the cover.
  • It is necessary to use a cardan with a friction overload clutch (the clutch with the latch is not suitable for the flywheel).
  • The overload clutch setting remains the same - 1600 Nm.
Hmotnost (kg): 40
Suitable for logger: TR70

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